Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

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Get Help Making Your Claim

Why choose us when you need to make a roof insurance claim in Fort Worth, TX? That’s because here at Fort Worth Roofing, we aren’t just excellent roofers; we also provide outstanding assistance when it comes to making roof insurance claims.  If your roof has been damaged, whether it is damage from a rough Texas storm or accidental damage we are here to help. We can assess the damage and give you a quote or we can speak directly to your insurance company. If you’re ready for that quote, give us a call at 817-692-2941.

Your Roof Insurance Claims Specialist

We are a roof insurance claims specialist, with an elite team that will work on your behalf. Our ultimate goal is to claim enough money from your insurance company to get your roof into even better shape than it was when new. 

A damaged roof can be incredibly worrying, especially when you have to work with your insurance company. Many people think you don’t have a say in who fixes your roof when you work with an insurance company, but they are wrong. Fort Worth Roofing has helped with hundreds of insurance claims and because of this, our team is exceptionally efficient and knowledgeable of the roof damage claim process.

Insurance Knowledge Where it Counts

So – how does it work? When it comes to assessing your roof for an insurance claim, we know exactly what to do. That’s what makes Fort Worth Roofing a specialist in roof damage claims. To get started, you will need to give us a call. After that, we will arrange a date and time that works for you and come to your property to assess the damage. During this assessment, Fort Worth Roofing will have a look at your roof, finalize an estimate of the cost, and report any damage we find along with the repairs needed to get your roof back into shape.

From there, you will need to phone your insurance company to notify them of your damaged roof. We can take control from there. Our roof storm damage claim team will consult your insurance company and go through all the fine print to make sure everything is in order. Included in our work are roof inspections, in which we’ll determine whether emergency roof repair is needed. After that, we will arrange your roof repair and the cost of that repair on your behalf. Once the cost of the roof repair and the details have been confirmed with your insurance provider, we can set a date to come and repair your roof.

At Fort Worth Roofing, we ensure all our work is carried out to the highest standards possible. Our team is highly qualified, skilled, and works with a professional and friendly attitude, providing only the best customer service. If you need help making a roof insurance claim in Fort Worth, TX or the surrounding area, we can be there for you. Give us a call at 817-692-2941 to get the process started.