Roof Storm Damage Repair in Fort Worth, TX 

close-up of damaged and missing shingles on a roof

Dealing With Storm Damage

While twisters may not be an everyday occurrence here in “tornado alley”, they’re still far more common in North Texas than in other areas of the country. Meanwhile, harsh weather can almost be considered a daily occurrence when you consider all the hail, high winds, and even the occasional snowstorms we experience. Even the pounding summer sun can lead to the deterioration of your roof over time. Unfortunately, any one of these things can lead to a need for roof storm damage repair in Fort Worth, TX, but Fort Worth Roofing can be there to lend a hand no matter the roofing emergency you are dealing with. Call 817-692-2941 when you need to get your roof back in shape. 

What to Do in the Aftermath

Going through a severe thunderstorm can be incredibly stressful. Even if you aren’t bothered too badly by thunder and lightning, you still have a lot of problems to worry about as a homeowner or business owner. No matter how strong and sturdy your roof might be, a bad hailstorm or a bit of falling debris can still lead to roof damage. This is what makes it so important to know what to do when your home or building has been through a major storm. 

It’s always smart to conduct a visual inspection of your roof after a storm. If you aren’t comfortable climbing a ladder and getting onto your roof, you can still walk around your property in search of any obvious signs of storm damage. Homeowners with shingle roofing should always be on the lookout for loose or missing shingles, along with problems such as cracks or curling.

Bruises and dents can also develop on shingles, and are a clear sign of damage – and typically of a need for hail damage roof repair. However, problems such as bruising are often only able to be identified through touch. Because of this, it is often wise to go ahead and schedule a roof inspection with a professional in the aftermath of a storm. But how do you know when to reach out for a professional inspection?

Hail typically begins causing damage to asphalt shingles once it reaches about an inch in diameter. While it takes larger hailstones to damage roofing materials such as metal, damage is still possible, though it is often only cosmetic in nature. Has your roof been impacted by hail of this size or have you noticed other signs of storm damage around your property such as broken windows or damaged gutters? It may be a good idea to call a qualified roofer for an inspection to determine whether there is damage and what kind of repair is needed.

High-Quality Roof Storm Damage Repair

Regardless of the kind of roof you have, your next priority after finding any storm damage to your roof is locating high-quality roof storm damage repair. In the North Texas area, Fort Worth Roofing is a trusted resource for all things related to roofing, and we can be there to help at your home or business after a storm rolls through with our superior roofing services, from start to finish.

This means we can be there right away to provide a roof inspection and identify any need for roof storm damage repair you may have. From there, our team of skilled and experienced roofers can lend a hand with simple patches to a complete replacement of your roof if necessary. Meanwhile, our roofers also have the experience and the ability to work with you when you need roof insurance claims help, ensuring you are able to get everything you are eligible for and making the process as simple as possible. 

Reach Out Today

If yet another storm has rolled through and you suspect you need roof storm damage repair in Fort Worth, TX, or elsewhere in surrounding North Texas, we encourage you to reach out to us. The Fort Worth Roofing team can be there to provide assistance with everything you need. Give us a call at 817-692-2941 to schedule your services.

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