Roof Restoration in Fort Worth, TX

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Bring Your Roof Back to Life

Has your roof seen better days? That’s not terribly uncommon, especially with the weather we face here in North Texas. But if you’ve been putting off getting a new roof due to the cost, you should know that there is an alternative. A full roof restoration can ensure you’re getting the protection you need from a roof, even without a new roof installation. When you schedule a roof restoration in Fort Worth, TX, you are giving your roofing system new life. Call today at 817-692-2941 if you’d like to discuss your options. 

What is roof restoration?

As the name would suggest, you won’t be getting a new roof with roof restoration, but you are restoring it to like-new condition. This is done through the use of highly specialized products such as elastomeric roof coatings and silicone roof coatings

During a standard roof replacement, the existing roof is removed and new roofing materials are put into place. However, with a roof restoration, nothing is being removed. Instead, the roof coating is put into place over the existing roofing material. It’s a fairly simple process but also one that can have tremendous benefits. 

Among the greatest of these benefits is one we have already mentioned. If a roof is in poor condition, you can avoid the expense, the mess, and the inconvenience of having the current roof torn off through roof restoration. Applying a roof coating can typically be done within just a few days or even sooner. This means you can have a strong, sturdy roof protecting your greatest assets and get back to business as usual right away. 

Another reason so many individuals are turning to roof restoration is the sustainability of this roofing option. Without the need for the tear-off of the existing roofing material, far less ends up in landfills. And though a roof replacement may eventually be necessary, having a roof restoration gives you plenty of time to fit that into your budget. 

The Roof Restoration Process

Many people may still be wondering just how a roof restoration can do so much, all through the application of a coating. However, a professional roofing company like Fort Worth Roofing will do far more during the restoration process than simply applying a roof coating. 

Often, things will begin with an inspection to determine whether a roof restoration is really the best choice. From there, your roofer will take care of any necessary roof repairs while also cleaning the roof surface to prepare it for the roof coating. Once the coating is applied, it will need time to cure. 

Once all this is done, it will likely be a while before you need any other work done on your roof, apart from recommended annual roof inspections. But a roof restoration performed by professionals and using quality materials can add upwards of 10 to 15 years to the lifespan of your roof. This alone makes it a wonderful investment.

Roof Restoration Vs. Roof Replacement

With all these factors taken into consideration, you have likely been left with a few questions. Among the biggest of those questions for many individuals is how to determine whether a roof restoration is the best choice or if they should go ahead and invest in a roof replacement. 

Only a skilled, professional roofer can tell you for certain if your roof is really suitable for roof restoration. However, keeping a few details in mind can give you an idea of whether or not a roof replacement may be the better choice. Among these is the current age of your roofing system. 

A roof coating can be applied to a roof that is nearing the end of its, and as already mentioned can add a decade or more to the lifespan of that roof. But if your roof is already well past its prime, there may not be much that even a high-quality roof coating can do. Other factors that may lead to a need for roof replacement rather than restoration include extensive damage, mold or mildew growth, or structural problems. This is just part of why it’s so important to count on an experienced, trustworthy roofing contractor to tell you which is likely to be the best choice. 

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Are you ready to speak to a skilled roofer about possible roof restoration in Fort Worth, TX? If so, we encourage you to reach out to Fort Worth Roofing. Our skilled team has extensive experience working with roof coatings and we can be there to help you make the right choices for your roof, every step of the way. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call at 817-692-2941.

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