Roof Damage Inspections

silhouette of a worker on a rooftop

Keep An Eye on Your Roof

Do you know how your roof is doing? Most of us know the importance of having a strong and sturdy roof over our heads. However, most of us don’t have the specialized skills and the experience to identify roofing issues before they become major problems. That’s what makes having a roof inspection so important. Hiring a roofing contractor to come out and take a look at your roof is essential to ensure your roof is in the best shape possible. If you’re ready to schedule your roof inspection in Fort Worth, TX or surrounding North Texas, you can count on Fort Worth Roofing. Give us a call at 817-692-2941.

Does my roof need an inspection?

Perhaps you know just how important a regular roof inspection can be. However, you may not know when you should schedule your roof inspection. Sometimes the need for an inspection is fairly obvious. For example, if you’ve just been through one of the severe storms that regularly roll through Texas, having someone come out and take a look at your roof can be a good idea. 

A qualified residential roofer can help spot hail damage that may have occurred, or tell you if a shingle or two has blown loose after high winds. If you suspect that debris may have fallen on your roof, an inspection is essential. That’s true whether you have a shingle roof or a sturdy metal roof. 

But this isn’t the only time you should have your roof inspected. Typically, it’s recommended that homeowners have roof inspections once per year, with twice annually being ideal. And in between these regular inspections from a qualified roofing contractor, homeowners should do their own self-checks. This can be an important step in spotting major damage and making sure you get roof repair or even a new roof installation ASAP. 

On a final note, it’s also recommended future homeowners get a roof inspection before purchasing a new home. This can be a crucial indicator of a home’s actual value. Meanwhile, those selling their homes should also get a roof inspection so they too can make an accurate assessment of their home’s value.

What is Covered in an Inspection

If you’re planning on having your roof inspected, another detail you may be wondering about is just what is covered during a roof inspection. The simple answer to that is – a lot. Your roof is a complex system made up of numerous different parts, and the roofing contractor you work with will be examining all of these parts when conducting an inspection. 

Typically, a roof inspection will begin with an examination of the structural components of the roof. Rather than strictly searching for signs of damage, your roofer will be taking note of the structural integrity of your roof. This means they will be looking for signs of cracked or splintered rafters or trusses. They will also be noting any signs of rotting. Additionally, your roofer will look at your walls, and will identify issues such as tilting or leaning that could indicate your roof is in poor condition. This is all in addition to a thorough examination of your home’s interior for signs of water damage, pests, and other problems.

Schedule Your Roof Inspection Today

It’s always important to be sure your roof is in the best condition possible, and having a roof inspection is the best way to do this. When you work with the team at Fort Worth Roofing, you can be certain you are getting a thorough inspection from skilled roofing pros. If you’re ready to schedule your roof inspection in Fort Worth, TX, reach out to us. Call at 817-692-2941.